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About Us

Is a logo design, graphic design, web design and content management agency that has been experienced since 2018 and has worked on nearly a thousand projects.

Managed and done by experts who are competent and have years of experience as a logo designer.

  • Listening, we are ready to listen to your problems and be consulted by experts in their fields.
  • Designing, we design in advance all concepts and planning results from consultations
  • Give, And we will give the best results that we can and we really believe in these results

Instanesia Founded by Agus Triana since 2018 and thank God for giving a lot of contributions to umkm-umkm and small companies so that they can stand up to be big and have a good and professional branding identity.

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Why should you choose us?

Here are some of the main points why you should choose our service.

  • 01 Exclusive Design

    Done by experts and professionals who have been experienced for years and done by making sketches through paper first. So that the logo is safe from using the finished logo or from plagiarizing.

  • The process is very short with meticulous research so as to produce a logo that matches the expectations you want. You can also wait ontime if needed.

  • Service rates are very affordable and friendly for umkm or individuals who are just opening a business. So you dont have to spend a lot of money to have an exclusive logo design that fits your needs.


These are some of the services that are already available at Instanesia and you can use them to meet your branding needs.

Logo Branding

Professional logo design services

Banner Design

Professional Banner Design Services Ready to Print

Brochure Design

Professional Brochure Design Services Ready to Print

Bundle Package

Various best choice bundle packages

Content Writter

Cheapest Seo Content Writing Service

Website Development

Website Development Services: Company Profile, Online Store and Landing Page.

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Agus Triana

Chief Executive Officer

Nela Anjani

Content Manager


Content Writter


Content Writter


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